Servicing commercial and residential properties:

The following systems need to be tested on an annual basis.

  • Complex Fire Warning Systems
  • Fire Alarms Systems
  • Central Station Signaling Systems
  • Smoke Management Systems
  • Elevator Recall Systems
  • Emergency Generator
  • Exit Lighting Systems Fire Doors and Automatic Closing Assemblies including Fire Escape Assemblies
  • Fire Pumps Pre-action, Deluge and Dry Pipe Systems

The following systems need to be tested on a 5 year basis

  • Class I Standpipes (Dry Standpipe)
  • Class II Standpipes (Wet Standpipe, Hoses)
  • Class III Standpipes
  • Combined Sprinkler Standpipes
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

The following systems need to be tested on a semi- annual basis

  • Unit Smoke Detectors- Residential and Multi family dwellings
  • Automatic Kitchen Suppression Systems

Your Fire Extinguisher is an important tool to keep your building safe. Your extinguisher needs to be maintained on an annual basis to keep it in correct working order. Fire Extinguishers are one of the first fire protection equipment devices used in the event of a fire. Our services of fire extinguishers comply with Title 19 as well as the State Fire Marshall Regulations and Local Fire Department code requirements. We offer Hydrostatic testing of fire extinguishers. We can also provide you directions on how to use your extinguishers.

Extinguishers come in a variety of types and sizes. Having the correct type of extinguisher is critical for controlling the spread of a fire. Our fire extinguisher services include: Checking to confirm the extinguisher is working properly. We will check the pressure level and clean it due to a build up of oils or grease. Finally we will place the correct tags on your extinguishers so that it is documented when the last date of service was.

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